Plum and Prune

Chair Name: Edite Kaufmane (Latvia State Institute of Fruit-Growing, Graudu Str. 1, Dobele, LV-3701, Latvia)

Secretary Name:



Focus of Working Group:

The WG activities are focused on topics including all aspects of research and development on plum growing in various environmental conditions, harvesting and post-harvest issues, processing including fruit drying and storage, genetics and breeding of plum, cultivars and rootstocks testing, genetic resources evaluation and conservation, fruit quality, pests and diseases, propagation, economics, etc.



Planned activities


WG Meeting: Latvia



Meeting: XI International Symposium on Plum and Prune Genetics, Breeding and Pomology - 17-21. July 2016 / Freising and Hallbergmoos, Germany



Meeting: 3rd Plum and Prune WG Meeting  focused on  "Present Constraints of Plum Growing in Europe" -  21-22 August 2015 / Island of Skopelos – Greece